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Self catering Scotland - Perthshire holiday cottage in Scotland
Self catering Scotland - Perthshire holiday cottage in Scotland
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"We weren't sure how we would get on with a young baby but it has been perfect - there was plenty room for all her bits' n ' bobs!! "

Gillian, Barry and Ilona Cockburn, Galashie

Stirling Castle, Famous Scottish Castles

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Stirling Castle is situated at the head of Stirling's Old Town, mounted high on an old volcanic outcrop. No one can confirm when Stirling castle was first built, but references to it begin to appear in historical records of the early 12th Century.

However, these records themselves refer to an earlier occupation of the site. The Castle that stands today is recorded to have been built between 1370 and 1750 in various different stages by the numerous different occupants of the stronghold.

The varied types of statues and stone carvings that are mounted around the castle walls and on display in the gardens have a wide diversity of sources.

Stirling's history is probably one of the most famous in the world, especially since the major motion picture 'Braveheart', starring Mel Gibson, was released. You can re-live the movie experience with staged battle scenarios as well as other historical reconstruction's laid on at the castle.

These scenarios are on all through the summer months of the year as part of Stirling's tourist attractions.

Stirling Castle

The Great Hall


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